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Apple Adds iPhone 15 to Self-Service Repair Program

Apple building

Apple is expanding its self-service repair program to include its latest iPhone models.

The program, which gives anyone with experience in electronic device repair access to the same manuals, parts and tools used by Apple’s experts, is now available for the iPhone 15 lineup and new Mac models, Apple announced in a news release Thursday (Dec. 14).

In addition, the company announced that the program has been expanded to 24 new countries in Europe, meaning the self-service now supports 35 Apple products in 33 countries and 24 languages.

Also Thursday, Apple announced that its Diagnostics for Self-Service Repair is now available in the United States, and there are plans to expand into Europe next year.

“Intended for users with the knowledge and expertise to repair Apple devices, Apple Diagnostics troubleshooting sessions will give customers the same ability as Apple authorized service providers and independent repair providers to test devices for optimal part functionality and performance, as well as identify which parts may need repair,” the release said.

Apple launched the program last year, following a July 2021 ruling from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that said electronics makers could not block independent shops from repairing customer devices.

As PYMNTS wrote, “the thinking is that these independent businesses can’t compete when larger companies release products that aren’t easily fixed or can’t be fixed in an economical fashion. This lack of choice can inflate repair prices to the point where buying a new product is cheaper than getting something fixed.”

Earlier this year, Apple lent its support to the right-to-repair cause. The company in 2019 began distributing parts and manuals to select independent repair shops but is now endorsing a federal bill aligned with the matter.

At a White House event in October, National Economic Council Director Lael Brainard stressed that allowing for the repair of consumer electronic devices could save consumers $49.6 billion annually, while also substantially reducing the amount of electronic waste America produces each year, which comes to close to 7 million tons.

Apple stressed in its news release Thursday that users who aren’t experienced in device repair are better off visiting a certified technician using genuine Apple parts. The company said it has almost “doubled the number of service locations with access to genuine Apple parts, tools and training,” in the last three years, including more than 4,500 independent shops.