Setapp to Launch Alternative App Store in Response to EU Digital Markets Act

App subscription service Setapp is preparing to launch its own alternative App Store for users in the EU in response to the Digital Markets Act (DMA), the company said in a Tuesday (Aug. 15) press release.

The Setapp mobile app store will be exclusive to users in the EU and provide them with a more convenient way to discover and use a variety of apps in one place on their iPhones and iPads. The company, which has requested users join a waitlist, said the launch of its own store is planned for when the new EU regulations come into effect next year.

The store will feature over 30 current vendors from Setapp’s Mac-based service and will ensure that developers are fairly compensated for their work by distributing 70% of the user’s monthly fee for the service to the creators of apps used in the month — a more reasonable sharing than what Apple provides. As a bonus, partner developers who bring in new customers will be given an additional 20% portion from the remainder.

“We view this development as an exciting first step and are eager to participate, Mykola Savin, product lead at Setapp, said, adding that the company looks “forward to further easing of restrictions by Apple worldwide in the future.”

Oleksandr Kosovan, founder and CEO of Setapp, added that with 60% of developers looking to distribute their iOS apps through third-party app stores, “we are excited to extend our support to iOS-only developers and provide them with a platform to grow users and add revenue streams.”

With Apple reportedly preparing itself for the impact of the DMA, Setapp is moving forward with the assumption Apple devices will ultimately have to support third-party app stores and is working in the mean time to prepare for the planned launch.

Setapp is a subscription software service that provides access to over 200 Mac apps. All the apps offered by the service are designed to save users time and effort, from photo editors to online checkouts.