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Some Apple Vision Pro Users Complain of Discomfort, Lack of ‘Killer App’

Apple, Vision Pro

AppleVision Pro headset has made waves in the tech community, but early feedback reportedly suggests that some users are encountering difficulties with the $3,500 device.

Comfort, headaches and eye strain are among the primary reasons prompting early adopters to return their headsets, The Verge reported Thursday (Feb. 15).

Apple did not immediately reply to PYMNTS’ request for comment.

The Verge noted that the actual return rate and Apple’s internal expectations for the Vision Pro are unknown. The media outlet based its report on interviews with users and social media posts.

Comfort has emerged as a concern for some Vision Pro owners, with the weight and front-loaded design of the device being commonly cited as problematic, according to the report. Some users have reported experiencing headaches and motion sickness while wearing the headset.

Wearable technology manufacturers face the challenge of catering to the unique preferences and physical attributes of individual users, the report said. Achieving mass-market comfort is a complex task, as many factors can impact how well a device fits and functions. Similar challenges have been observed with other headsets, smartwatches and smart glasses.

Aside from comfort, some users have expressed disappointment in the Vision Pro’s perceived lack of productivity relative to its high price tag, per the report. Some engineers said they have found the coding experience on the headset to be subpar, certain file types are not supported, and tasks like window management and file organization are challenging.

Some users also said the absence of a standout feature or “killer app” contributed to their dissatisfaction with the headset, according to the report.

The impact of this vocal subset of early adopters on the future of the Vision Pro is uncertain, the report said. Some users who plan to return the device said they are open to trying a second-generation version.

Apple launched the Vision Pro Feb. 2. The device is the tech giant’s first mixed-reality headset. Its release was accompanied by 600 new apps and games.

A day before the launch of the headset, executives said during Apple’s quarterly earnings call that the Vision Pro may find use within enterprises, and that Walmart, Nike and other brands are examining ways to harness the device for their customers or employees to help improve everyday productivity.