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Revnue Debuts AI-Powered Asset Management App

Revnue, AI, asset management

Contract lifecycle and asset management firm Revnue has debuted an AI-powered mobile app.

The app, announced Monday (Oct. 16), is designed to streamline companies’ asset, contract, customer, supplier and services data management, the Los Angeles-based company said in a news release.

“Our customers articulated a clear need: ‘Empower our field teams to effortlessly scan serial numbers and tag inventory directly from their mobile devices,’” said Sean Stanton, Revnue’s chief revenue officer. “We took this challenge head-on and delivered a solution that not only fulfills this demand but also unlocks numerous other streamlined workflows.”

Stanton described a scenario in which an IT executive, when out of the office, would be notified of a crucial device malfunction. The app, he said, gives that executive immediate access to asset intelligence.

“From pinpointing the asset’s exact installation site, retracing its purchase history, identifying supplier details, to understanding its maintenance timeline, warranty status, and direct support contacts — every critical detail is at their fingertips,” he said.

Among the app’s capabilities is “the inclusion of more intelligence on the edge,” the release said, which uses a smartphone’s camera to decipher things like barcodes, QR codes, UPC codes and text to provide fast access to their assets and contracts and streamline workflow and operational processes. 

The launch of the new app comes at a time when supply chains aren’t functioning as smoothly as they might. And as highlighted by PYMNTS’ coverage, technology and the ongoing harnessing of data — helped along by AI – can help improve inventory management.

“There are numerous examples of how automation and AI are providing significant conduits to better inventory visibility,” PYMNTS wrote. “Grocery is one of the more visible segments here, but retailers have been tackling the challenge, too, as real-time data information, right down to personalized engagement with users in-store and online, can fine-tune stock keeping.”

Meanwhile, PYMNTS CEO Karen Webster has examined how AI-powered smartphones continue to allow users to multitask in ways that would have once been unthinkable. 

As Webster wrote, “weekends and weekdays now look the same…as apps and smartphones break down the constraints once imposed by the physical world.” 

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