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AI Gap Study – June 2019

Inside the Playbook
The AI Innovation Playbook
  • 63.6 percent: Share of FIs believe that believe AI is an effective tool for stopping fraud before it happens.
  • 80 percent: Portion of AI-using fraud specialists that believe the technology could reduce payments fraud.
  • 63.9 percent: Share of fraud specialists that believe smart agents could reduce payments fraud.

AI Gap Study – April 2019

AI Innovation Playbook
  • 81.8 percent: Share of FIs with assets exceeding $100 billion interested in smart agents to combat fraud
  • 45.0 percent: Share of decision-makers working in fraud detection who are interested in smart agent
  • 41.1 percent: Share of commercial banks that are very or extremely interested in adopting smart agents

AI GAP STUDY – November 2018

Key Findings from the study include:
  • 71 percent of FIs use data mining technology
  • 81 percent of FIs say they measure ROI on learning systems by how it can improve their margins

AI GAP STUDY – February 2019

Inside This February Study
AI Innovation Playbook
  • 70.5% Share of FIs that used data mining to fight fraud
  • 4.1 Average number of algorithmic tools used by banks with more than $100 billion in assets
  • 2.5% Share of FIs that used AI systems to enhance payments services
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