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Curios Integrates With Stripe to Streamline Web3 Payments

Blockchain and Web3 platform Curios integrated with payment processor Stripe.

The combination “marks a significant milestone for Curios, as it empowers the platform to facilitate seamless, secure and global commerce for creators to directly monetize their content with the security of the blockchain,” the company said in a Wednesday (Oct. 11) news release.

It also lets Curios offer “a streamlined and secure payment experience” for buyers and sellers on its creator marketplace and ecosystem, according to the release.

“With this integration, Curios users will have access to a robust, reliable and trusted payment infrastructure, making it easier than ever to participate in the burgeoning world of digital content powered by [non-fungible token (NFT)] and Web3 technologies,” the release said.

Added Curios founder Grant Powell in the release: “Since day one, Curios has been fighting to make Web3 technologies easy for everyone. And expanding payment options for our users will significantly increase adoption of Web3.”

The integration will let Curios users transact all over the world, since Stripe supports payments in more than 135 countries, according to the release. Customers will also get access to Stripe’s security and fraud prevention measures and are expected to experience faster payment processing times.

The integration follows several Web3-related launches in the payments space. For example, Coinbase last month debuted a Web3 wallet for its Prime customers.

The wallet lets those customers store any token on supported networks; gain instant access to funds; buy, sell and mint NFT collections; and interact directly with decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts.

“We have seen tremendous demand from institutions to get direct and secure access to Web3 and DeFi,” Coinbase said in the announcement.

The same day as Coinbase’s announcement, PayPal said it would begin simplifying how wallets, DApps and NFT marketplaces can enable their customers to buy and sell crypto in the United States via integration with PayPal On and Off Ramps.

“Once integrated, Web3 merchants can help grow their user base by connecting to PayPal’s fast and seamless payments experience trusted by millions, while leveraging PayPal’s robust security controls and tools for fraud management, chargebacks and disputes,” the company said at the time.

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