Domino’s Updates Bot To Give Customers Access To Full Menu

Domino’s, the pizza chain, is gearing up to enable people to place orders via Facebook Messenger.

According to a report, Domino’s is updating its ordering bot, dubbed Dom, to include its full menu on Facebook Messenger. The update is aimed at making it even easier for customers to use the bot instead of placing an order via phone or online on its website.

With the Facebook Messenger bot update, users can interact with Dom to place an order off the full menu instead of first establishing a so-called “Easy Order,” which is the customer’s most frequently ordered pizza or menu items. There was no way to browse the menu until the launch of the update.

While the bot asks all the important information, there is one catch to this service: Customers who want their order delivered via the bot have to pay in cash. Domino’s said in the report that payments via Facebook Messenger are something that could be rolled out in the future. For pickup orders, customers can use any payment method since they pay once they go to the store. Domino’s update comes ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, which is one of the pizza chain’s busiest days each year. Domino’s expects to sell more than 12 million pizzas during the game, which the report noted is five times what it sells on a normal Sunday.

While Domino’s is updating its bot for Facebook Messenger, that’s not the only place it is trying to reach millennial customers. Last February, it struck a deal with Amazon in which customers can place orders via Amazon Echo powered by Alexa, its digital personal assistant. Echo has Domino’s customers set up their own Pizza Profile, which includes all necessary personal information, including payment details. That “Easy Order” command will automatically order that user’s favorite pizza as provided in that profile.