Today in the Connected Economy: Revolut Wants to Offer Crypto Wallets

Revolut app

Today in the connected economy, Revolut CEO Nik Storonsky says the company needs to expand into the world of crypto wallets and mortgages on its road to becoming a super app. Plus, Amazon Japan teams up with payments startup Adyen, and payment processor Stripe launches its “partner ecosystem.”

Revolut Looks to Expand to Crypto Wallets, Mortgages

Revolut CEO Nik Storonsky says he wants his company to expand into the mortgage sector and cryptocurrency wallets, adding his firm needs to do more to become a one-stop financial services provider — or a “super app.”

Amazon Japan Teams With Adyen for Payments

Global payments startup Adyen is collaborating with Amazon Japan for payments processing, which will heighten the optimization of payments data and the overall checkout experience. Using Adyen’s platform, Amazon Japan hopes to improve the user experience for payments and checkout. Through Adyen’s direct acquiring and data-rich insights, Amazon Japan can offer shoppers a frictionless experience no matter where they shop.

Stripe Launches Stripe Partner Ecosystem

Payment processor Stripe has unveiled a partner program with companies whose services help its users to thrive in the internet economy. Known as the Stripe Partner Ecosystem, the program comes as companies increasingly look to outside support to accelerate their digital transformation, leading to growing demand for third-party technology and payments expertise and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud infrastructure and eCommerce platforms.

Meesho and Cashfree Payments Partner to Provide Instant Refunds

As it prepares to go public, Indian internet commerce firm Meesho has teamed up with Cashfree Payments to allow for instant refunds on delivery (COD) orders placed through its platform. The companies said the integration of Cashfree Payments, an India-based payment and application programming interface (API) banking solutions provider, will enhance shopping for Meesho users while reducing the need for manual intervention on certain orders.

Atrium, Zippin Team to Bring Frictionless Commerce to Colleges

Campus card management company Atrium Campus is bringing frictionless commerce to U.S. colleges by working with checkout-free technology provider Zippin. Zippin’s technology, which combines multimodal sensors, vision cognition technology and machine learning to provide frictionless shopping, is well suited for high-traffic locations like college campuses.