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AT&T to Buy Rivian Electric Vehicles, Become Exclusive Connectivity Provider

AT&T to Buy Rivian Electric Vehicles, Become Exclusive Provider

AT&T will buy Rivian electric vehicles (EVs) and add those vehicles to its fleet in early 2024.

In addition, AT&T was named the exclusive connectivity provider for all Rivian vehicles in the United States and Canada, the companies said in a Thursday (Dec. 14) press release.

AT&T will add Rivian Commercial Van and R1 vehicles to its commercial fleet in a pilot program to explore electrification and contribute to the company’s commitment to reach carbon neutrality by 2035, according to the release.

“This pilot is another important step in our ongoing efforts toward sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint and embracing a cleaner future for our operations,” Hardmon Williams, senior vice president of AT&T Connected Solutions, said in the release. “With advanced connectivity and a vision for a sustainable future, Rivian is setting the standard for the evolving demands of modern transportation.”

As the exclusive connectivity provider for all Rivian vehicles in the U.S. and Canada, AT&T will enable a driving experience that is “smarter, safer and more connected,” according to the release.

Rivian uses AT&T connectivity to deliver over-the-air software updates to its vehicles, providing those vehicles with new features, the release said.

“Around a quarter of CO2 emitted in the transportation sector in the U.S. comes from commercial vans, so it’s imperative we do all we can as soon as possible to help cut emissions,” Dagan Mishoulam, vice president of strategy and fleet at Rivian, said in the release. “Our category-defining vehicles offer some of the most advanced technology in the sector and are continually improved through over-the-air updates.”

The deal with AT&T is Rivian’s first since ending its exclusivity pact with Amazon for its delivery vans last month, Reuters reported Thursday.

Rivian has reiterated its commitment to deliver 100,000 vans ordered by Amazon by 2030, and Amazon said in October that it currently has 10,000 of those vehicles on the road in the U.S. and Europe, according to the report.

Amazon rolled out the first of those EV delivery vans in October 2021, saying the move marked another milestone in its pledge to become net carbon zero by 2040.