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Flavrs Adds Takeout Shopping and AI-Powered Features to Food App

Flavrs Adds Takeout Shopping, AI-Powered Features to Food App

Flavrs has added new features to its app, which pairs cooking videos with recipe data and shopping integration.

“Since we started Flavrs, we’ve been busy connecting people to delicious and personal food experiences through video,” Alejandro Oropeza, co-founder and CEO, said in a Thursday (Nov. 2) post on LinkedIn. “On top of our existing video-to-groceries shopping experience, we’re excited to announce the launch of video-to-takeout shopping on Flavrs and new AI-powered features to make your experience even more delicious and personal.”

Flavrs was founded by Oropeza and François Chu and launched in September 2022, TechCrunch reported Tuesday.

One of Flavrs’ features is its integration with grocery delivery service Instacart, according to the report. Users can instantly purchase the ingredients they need for a recipe they saw in a video without leaving the app.

The app is now expanding into the takeout space, allowing users to place orders for food from restaurants, the report said. When users come across a video showcasing a dish they would like to try, Flavrs redirects them to delivery providers like Uber Eats that will fulfill their takeout orders.

In addition to these features, Flavrs leverages the power of artificial intelligence to provide personalized recommendations to its users, per the report. By integrating with OpenAI, the app can analyze video content and plain-text recipes uploaded by creators, generating recommendations based on users’ preferences. The AI-powered recommendation presents users with content that aligns with their specific tastes and dietary restrictions.

Oropeza said Flavrs aims to become the go-to platform for food content and commerce, connecting food enthusiasts with top chefs, content creators and local restaurants, according to the report.

In another project in the space, North Carolina-based supermarket chain The Fresh Market said in February that it was expanding its partnership with video commerce solution provider Firework to create a retail media network. The network features live, shoppable video content, such as recipes and tutorials on the grocer’s digital channels.

“Having proven the power of Firework’s video commerce content in 2022, we’re excited to offer our partners an innovative and differentiated means of storytelling in an entertaining new way,” Kevin Miller, chief marketing officer at The Fresh Market, said at the time.