Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps Crowns a New Number One

Checked on your personal finances lately? We have, in the form of the Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps, updated monthly in this space.

Not that anyone likes big changes to personal finances — with the exception of sudden unexpected wealth — but this month’s ranking packs a few surprises.

The Top 5

Appearing out of thin air, as in, it didn’t even chart last month — the Chime app takes No. 1.

Where the merry men are we can only guess, but Robinhood (the app) remains at No. 2.

Up one spot is the Fidelity app, grabbing the No. 3 chart position.

Showing how unpredictable things can be, Albert Save And Spend Smarter drops three chart positions from No. 1 last month to No. 4 this go around.

Unpredictable works both ways, as the Empower app jumps up and into the Top 5 at No. 5.

The Top 10

In what some might call “top 5 adjacent” we’ve got the Mint app down one chart position and out of the Top 5 where it was, now at No. 6.

No so for Emma Budget Manager, managing to hold tight at No. 7 another month.

In a real show of that unpredictability we mentioned, the myWisely Financial Wellness plummets five chart positions to land at No. 8 in this ranking. Hey, it happens.

Now a somewhat odd tie forms at No. 9 as Acorns Invest Spare Change plunges four chart positions (see: unpredictable) and SoFi drops one. They can keep each other company.

We close the Top 10 with another tie, this time between Wallet Daily Budget & Profit which was already so-ranked, now joined by Spendee Budget & Money Tracker which enters the Top 10 at No. 10.

In a word: unpredictable