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Applause Crowdtesting Platform Hits 300K Members

Conducting QA testing for digital experiences is likely tough to pull off with just the people inside one company. As such, today’s companies tend to go to the public to help ensure the product or service is of high caliber, which is known as crowdsourcing a project.

Digital experience research and testing company Applause works to enable QA testing for digital experiences through its crowdtesting community. It just announced it has reached a new milestone in its crowdtesting community of 300,000 members.

The digital experience experts at Applause are highly qualified individuals who are located in the areas of the specific testing situation, which helps ensure top quality insight is provided to consumers.

Applause’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Doron Reuveni, commented on the company’s achievement: “These milestones are significant for the company. Our community of 300,000 digital experience experts provides the human perspective global brands need to deliver digital properties that customers embrace. You can’t hire, outsource or automate the increasingly converged digital-physical experience that defines real customer interaction, but you can replicate it with the crowdsourced approach provided by Applause.”

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