Nearly 41% of UK Consumers Are Considered ‘Digital Enthusiasts’ 

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In compiling the “U.K. Edition of the 2024 Global Digital Shopping Index,” PYMNTS Intelligence found that when compared to consumers in other regions, U.K. consumers are highly receptive to digitally-enhanced shopping features.

The report found that by strategically integrating digital tools to support both online and in-store shopping experiences, U.K. merchants stand to benefit, especially if they make shoppers aware of those features and take steps to ensure they can be found.

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The report, which was completed in collaboration with Visa Acceptance Solutions, found 92% of U.K. consumers who had last shopped fully remotely were highly satisfied with the increased aid digital features offered, especially when compared to in-store experiences.

But here’s the rub: 27% of merchants do not provide U.K. consumers the features they want. Among the most coveted of those: the ability to select how they pay for purchases and loyalty rewards earned from those purchases. And while 31% of merchants do offer features consumers want, U.K, shoppers told us they were difficult to find. For instance, 35% couldn’t find price-matching features and 38% were unable to locate two-factor authentication.

In other words, U.K. merchants continue to miss out on a major opportunity to win over prospects who already show a preference for digital features.

How popular are digital features with U.K. consumers? As the exclusive PYMNTS Intelligence data illustrated below shows, the percentage of digital enthusiasts in the U.K. — 40% — surpasses their counterparts in other regions of the world, including the U.S. (36%). Mexico (33%), Brazil and Saudi Arabia (both about 32%) and the United Arab Emirates (29%) all lag behind. Only India, at 42.5%, is home to more digital enthusiasts than the U.K.

What does this mean for U.K. retailers? The high percentage of U.K. consumers enthusiastic about their digital experiences should scream out “opportunity.” To take advantage of this enthusiasm, merchants must first offer the digital features shoppers want. Next, they have to make sure the features — including the 31% that are now available — can be located.