Venmo Takes Top Spot, Chime Follows in Credit Card App Rankings

Embracing the ever-evolving terrain of credit card apps, the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Credit Card Apps stands as your steadfast guide, revealing the ascent of frontrunners and the fluctuations of contenders. As agents of change, we enthusiastically unveil the latest edition, showcasing a double tie and some real competition.


The Top 5

 Coming out on top at No. 1 is Venmo with a score of 93.

 No.2 is Chime scoring 89.

 Capital One Mobile one point shy and one position down at No. 3 with 88.

 Chase Mobile, although with a mirrored digit score, is just 10 points off at 77, landing at No. 4

No.5 is Bank of America Mobile Banking, scoring at 74 to close out the top 5.

 The Top 10

 Wells Fargo Mobile secured the No. 6 slot with a score of 69.

 Filling the No. 7 slot is a tie between Citi Mobile and Discover Mobile, both with a score of 56.

The second tie is at the No. 8 slot, with American Express and Cards- Mobile Wallet scoring at 51.

 Credit One Mobile Banking lands at No. 9 with 43.

 MyWisely: Mobile Banking wraps up our top 10 with a score of 36.