Desktop-As-A-Service Startup Shells Debuts Crypto Payment Option Through BitPay

Shells Debuts Crypto Payment Option Via BitPay

Virtual cloud desktop startup Shells will now be accepting cryptocurrency via BitPay, according to a press release.

With this development Shells will be able to reach new customers, the release stated.

The crypto market is currently worth $2 trillion, and many crypto users have been looking for places to spend, according to the release. The crypto marketplace could match well with the personal cloud computers offered by Shells.

With the update, Shells will be able to accept crypto payments without having to buy, own or manage crypto, the release stated. BitPay will manage the entire process, helping Shells receive crypto from its customers and convert and deposit U.S. dollars into Shells’ account.

“Our goal at BitPay is to make accepting crypto a seamless process and increase adoption as crypto is the future of payments,” said BitPay Vice President of Product Shaun Worley in the release. “We are building blockchain payment technology solutions to transform how businesses like Shells send, receive and store money around the world. Shells realizes the potential for cryptocurrency to transform the virtual desktop industry, making payments faster, secure and less expensive worldwide.”

Shells will accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Dogecoin, Ether, Wrapped Bitcoin and stablecoins USD Coin, Gemini dollar, PAX and Binance USD via BitPay, according to the release.

BitPay CEO Stephen Pair told PYMNTS this month that people want to own crypto. Around 18 percent of the adult population is likely to use crypto to make a purchase. That comes out to around 46 million customers, and cryptos have been used already to buy real estate, food delivery and everything in between.

Pair said some people have put crypto on gift cards to spend with merchants, some of which don’t offer that option.

“If you fast-forward from now to the end of 2021, I think you will be surprised at the number of places that you never would have thought would take crypto payments … will now take them,” Pair told PYMNTS.