Today in Crypto: Ronin Hackers Attempt to Hide Stolen Ether; Crypto Asset In-Flows Reached $180M Last Week

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Hackers have moved some of the $600 million in crypto stolen from the Axie Infinity gaming platform to a service that helps mask transactions, Bloomberg wrote Monday (April 4).

The report said that around 2,000 ether tokens, valued at $7 million, were moved to Tornado Cash. That “mixer” service is designed to maintain privacy on the Ethereum blockchain, by breaking the link between the sender and receiver’s addresses on transactions sent to the blockchain.

Merkle Science, a blockchain analysis firm, said tracking funds after any mixer including Tornado Cash is a “probabilistic” method without 100% certainty.

The primary Ethereum address the hackers used sent 2,001 ether to another Ethereum address earlier on Monday. The second address sent 2,000 ether in batches of 100 ether each to Tornado Cash, the report said.

Meanwhile, Valour, a Swiss asset-management company owned by DeFi Technologies, is rolling out three crypto exchange-tracking products, a Bloomberg report said.

The products will track the Cardano, Polkadot and Solana digital coins.

The products are reportedly going to be debuted by Wednesday (April 6) on the Euronext exchanges in Paris and Amsterdam.

These launches will contribute to an effort to raise investors’ interests in products that track cryptocurrencies.

Finally, crypto funds got inflows for the second straight week – and almost all of it went to European funds, Coindesk wrote.

Digital asset funds saw $180 million of net inflows in the week through Friday (April 1), which represented a decline from a revised $244 million of inflows from the last week.

Around 99% of that went to European funds, and the remaining 1% or so to American ones.

ETC Group was the leader with an inflow of $87 million, the report says. Purpose Bitcoin ETF suffered an outflow of $43 million, which widened from the $16 million of redemptions from the prior week.