Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps Packs a Few Surprises

As crypto goes, so goes the Provider Ranking of Cryptocurrency Apps.

This is to say, you never really know what will happen these days.

The Top 5

Breaking a tie we’ve grown accustomed to, Binance stands alone at No. 1.

How do you think Coinbase feels about that, now being at No. 2? We won’t hazard a guess. drops a spot to No. 3.

It’s everyone into the pool of “we just dropped a spot” as Huobi hops down to No. 4.

Just to keep things interesting, there’s an unusual tie at No. 5. This time it’s between KuCoin (dropping one chart position) and OKEx (dropping two).

As we always say, staying in the Top 5 is a win, even if your score falls. Perspective, people.

The Top 10

Blockchain Wallet steps down one chart position and out of the Top 5. Chin up and all that.

Our next tie happens at No. 7 and involves the curious case of Bitpay, already so ranked, and now joined by BitMart, rising two chart positions. Guess it’s not all that “curious” after all.

If you’re the famed Winklevoss twins you call your crypto app Gemini (because, well, two), then you watch it drop two chart positions this month. But you don’t worry one bit because you’re a Winklevoss. You shouldn’t need to be reminded of that.

Appearing out of the ether we’ve suddenly got ProBit Global at No. 9. Where have they been?

Ditto ZenGo, leaping into the Top 10 at No. 10.

And just like that, crypto winter turns to crypto spring. Maybe.