Payments Network Eftpos Gets OK From Australia for Digital ID Verification

Eftpos Gets OK From Australia for ID Verification

Eftpos has become the first private sector digital identity exchange to be accredited by Australia’s government under the Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF), which will allow for use of the payment network in online transactions needing digital ID verification, NFCW reported.

The Eftpos ConnectID solution allows consumers to confirm their identities through a link to a verified digital ID from a trusted provider, according to the report. Then their personal credentials are shared with merchants, public services, government departments and others.

With the TDIF accreditation, there will be more “industry adoption of digital identity to drive security and productivity in the digital economy,” Eftpos said in the report. That will allow Eftpos to collaborate more with the Australian government’s Digital Transformation Agency, helping it become easier for Australians to access services, both private and government related.

“TDIF accreditation is a big step forward for Eftpos and industry to help bring the benefits of digital identity to more sectors of the economy,” Eftpos CEO Stephen Benton said, per the report. “It is a significant and tangible milestone in the rollout of Australia’s digital identity ecosystem and comes after months of rigorous assurance evaluations and privacy and security testing.”

He said the company had drawn on its experience operating the national Eftpos network to develop ConnectID and hoped it would now be “easier for Australians to share, store and receive” personal ID information and afford them “more confidence and control,” the report stated.

While the Australian TDIF works with digital identity services, it also sets standards, rules and guidelines for identity, credential and attribute providers, according to the report.

In other news, half of the companies making over $500 million in annual revenue think digital identity authentication is more important or “much more” important than it was even a year ago, according to PYMNTS research.

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