Disbursement Satisfaction Index

Disbursement Satisfaction

The PYMNTS Disbursement Satisfaction Index™, in collaboration with by Ingo Money, is designed to help measure consumer satisfaction with various disbursement methods, including paper checks, instant credit, non-instant credit and direct deposits. The Index offers a microscopic look at the state of consumers’ satisfaction with how they receive disbursements.

Disbursement Satisfaction - October 2017


52.8 (out of 100) was the average Disbursement Satisfaction Index Score, across all payment methods and respondents.

84 percent of respondents received at least one type of disbursement within the past 12 months.

Paper checks received the lowest Disbursement Satisfaction Index Score with at 4.4 (out of 100).

75 percent of respondents earning less than $60k who had used instant payments were mostly or completely satisfied with the experience.

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