Facebook Launches Messenger Day To Compete With Snapchat

Facebook has launched Day, a feature on its Messenger chat app that lets people share personal video diaries and decorated photos that will disappear after 24 hours with a select group of contacts.

The new feature will enable the social media site to compete with Snapchat. In fact, according to TechCrunch, Day takes the best parts of Snapchat and adds in its own unique features.

Users will be able to see chat threads on Messenger’s home screen, where there will be thumbnail tiles previewing the Days of friends. Anything from personal photos and 15-second videos, as well as uploaded media, can be shared. And any of the content can be embellished with drawings, text captions, environmental effects, stickers, illustrations and more.

While friends won’t be able to “like” your videos, they can reply privately to a post with custom or pre-filled messages (“haha,” “Wow,” a heart, etc.). And you can instantly see who is on Messenger Day through its Active Now feature, which is a green light next to the friends who are using the app. There are even call-to-action filters with messages such as, “Who’s up for grabbing coffee?”; “Movie night?”; “Let’s grab drinks”; “Let’s go for a run” and more that make it easy to set up plans with friends.

You can post a video or photo by tapping the big shutter button at the bottom, the “Add To Your Day” spot at the top or from a prompt in a thread. By default, posts are visible to “Everyone Except” specific people you block, but only people who can message you will see your Days at the top of their app. You also can choose a specific list of people who can see these posts, which will apply to every video you make, so you don’t need to set it every time. And you’ll be able to see the faces of people who’ve seen your Day at the bottom of the posts.

Right now, businesses are not on Days and there are no ads, but Facebook is open to including advertisements in the future.