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Intuit to Shut Down Mint, Invite Users to Credit Karma

Intuit is shutting down its personal finance website and mobile app Mint and inviting users to migrate to its Credit Karma offering.

Mint will no longer be available as of Jan. 1, Intuit said in a Tuesday (Oct. 31) blog post. Users can download their Mint data and join Credit Karma.

“Last year, the Intuit Mint team joined Intuit Credit Karma to help build one of our newest experiences that will help millions of members know, grow and protect their net worth,” Intuit Mint said in the post. “This marks the next evolution of Credit Karma, one that combines the money management product expertise and momentum of Mint with Credit Karma’s scale, technology and vast product ecosystem.”

At Credit Karma, users have access to a range of features, products, tools and services, including some of the most popular features from Mint, according to the post. For example, those who use Mint to monitor their cash flow and track their spending will be able to do that at Credit Karma, while also getting suggestions about which credit card to use to maximize rewards or what measures they can take to smooth out cash flow and avoid a cash crunch.

“Those are just a few examples of how we make our members’ financial data do more for them,” Mint said in the blog post. “Minters who join Credit Karma can have peace of mind that Credit Karma has their back, helping them know where their money stands and proactively surfacing opportunities for them to save money.”

The post also noted the launch of Intuit Assist, a generative artificial intelligence (AI)-powered financial assistant on Credit Karma that helps members navigate financial decisions.

“Credit Karma is on its way to becoming a full-service financial platform where we take stock of members’ financial profiles, connect the dots for members and identify savings opportunities to act on, at the right time,” Mint said in the post.

During an earnings call in August, Intuit CEO Sasan K. Goodarzi said that the company is “entering into its most exciting era yet” as it aims to be a global, AI-driven expert platform powering the growth of consumers and small businesses.