Uber Launches Uber Pro Card to Give Drivers Faster Payments, Rewards

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Uber is delivering new rewards and faster payments to its drivers and couriers through a partnership with card-issuing platform Marqeta, along with global payments firm Mastercard and workforce payments platform Branch.

In a press release Thursday (Oct. 6), Uber detailed the new Uber Pro Card, which offers faster payments and fuel rewards, with up to 10% cash back on gas and 12% on electric vehicle charging.

The enhanced loyalty and payments experience aims to help drivers and couriers save on gas, fees and other expenses, offering customized perks to give drivers and couriers “more support on the road,” said Andrew Macdonald, senior vice president, mobility and business operations at Uber.

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“The new Uber Pro Card will allow drivers and couriers to take home more of what they earn,” Macdonald added. “Drivers and couriers will now have the ability to get more cash back on gas and EV charging and have their earnings automatically deposited to their accounts after each trip — free of charge.”

The Uber Pro Card expands on the offers that come with the Uber Pro driver loyalty program by providing drivers and couriers with up to 10% cash back on gas purchases when they achieve Diamond status as an Uber Pro driver.

Additional perks and rewards are also included when Diamond status is achieved, per the release.

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Also packaged with the card is a business checking account from Branch, designed to give drivers and couriers another tool to keep more of what they earn. Earnings can automatically be deposited into the Uber Pro Card account after every trip, the release noted, and a Backup Balance feature offers access to a maximum of $150 if needed.

The Uber Pro Card is available through mobile wallets and enables seamless contactless payments for immediate use. Drivers and couriers using the card and the app can track earnings, transfer money to other bank accounts, earn rewards and manage savings.