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Juuli Launches Affiliate Program to Promote Freelancer Invoicing, Payments Solutions

Juuli, a FinTech platform specializing in freelancer invoicing and payments, has launched an affiliate program aimed at promoting financial freedom for partners.

The new Juuli Squad referral program serves as a mechanism allowing Juuli partners to connect seamlessly with a vast network of potential users, supporting partner growth, the company said in a Monday (Jan. 22) press release.

“Through Juuli Squad, freelancers are given the opportunity to actively share the benefits of Juuli within their community,” the company said in the release. “The program acts as a catalyst, fostering collaboration and mutual growth among freelancers associated with Juuli.”

The Juuli Squad program equips partners with tools to easily connect with potential users, according to the release. Freelancers can join the program with a single click and gain instant access to their personalized tracking link, even if they are not members of Juuli.

Juuli Squad also provides tips on effective promotion strategies to help freelancers seed the program, the release said. By leveraging their existing networks and expertise, freelancers can inspire each other to use Juuli and introduce the platform to a vast pool of potential users.

Partners benefit from Juuli’s flexible affiliate program, which supports their business growth throughout the year, per the release.

For freelancers, the program simplifies operations through Juuli’s Invoice Without a Company” feature, addressing company setup complexities and offering financial freedom, according to the release.

This feature allows freelancers to operate independently, contributing to the financial freedom offered by Juuli, the release said.

“With Juuli Squad, Juuli empowers both partners and the freelance community, fostering a thriving ecosystem of financial freedom and growth,” the company said in the release.

Freelancers and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have to contend with long payment terms, ranging from 30 days to 60 days, which puts a strain on healthy cash flow management, Clément Carrier, CEO at French FinTech firm Aria, told PYMNTS in an interview posted in April.

Aria helps sellers get direct access to 100% of the value of their invoices within 24 hours, while buyers can stick to their usual payment terms, at the end of which Aria is repaid, Carrier said.