HealthTech GoMedii Targets Africa, Bangladesh to Boost India’s Medical Tourism

GoMedii, an Indian HealthTech startup, is looking at being an enabler for healthcare for overseas patients, a report from BioSpectrum said.

The company plans to work with those coming to India for medical tourism and it plans to work with the government on fixing some of the fragmented medical tourism industry, bringing things under the same roof.

GoMedii looks to work with India’s healthcare system along with other affordable services that purport to cut treatment costs by 50% to 80%.

“The major performing markets that we see with huge potential to boost the medical tourism sector in India are the African countries like Nigeria, Congo, Ethiopia and more, hence, making the African continent a prime performing market for GoMedii,” said co-founder Rohit Singh, adding that Africa is largely untapped and has potential for their business.

And co-founder Abhishek Chandel said the company wants to expand its reach “by empowering the patients and their families with the right transparent knowledge through a well-established partner’s network.”

There have been other innovations in Indian healthcare as of late, including payment and banking solutions provider Cashfree Payments’ partnership with PharmEasy, a digital healthcare provider, to add more speed for healthcare payments.

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That will see PhamEasy using Cashfree Payments’ Payouts application programming interface (API) to pay vendors, process refunds, disburse loans and deal with other transactions.

It will also let PharmEasy automate the process of compiling and disbursing payments to retail partners.

“Our processes have now been greatly automated, thus improving customer experience as well as reducing the time utilized in payment reconciliation and settlements,” a spokesperson from PharmEasy said in the release. “This has also boosted the productivity of our team, as the time saved is used in other significant tasks.”