Telemedicine App Provider Ranking Welcomes Two Newcomers to the Top 10 

Let’s see: channel coverage, up-to-date downloads, monthly average users, sessions per user, average session length… All looks good. 

Checking the vital signs of apps is something PYMNTS does every month, and one of the reports that results from this is the Provider Ranking of Telemedicine Apps. 

This month’s top 10 includes a close race for the top spot, some changing of position in the middle and two newcomers to the list sharing the tenth spot in the rankings. Now, let’s take a closer look at those charts. 

The Top 5 

Topping the list is MyTeleMed. This app was No. 1 last month and returns with a score of 87. 

It’s a close race, though, as two apps are just one point behind. Teladoc was in this spot last time but now shares it with Doctor On Demand, which has gained two positions. Both are tied with a score of 86. 

At No. 3, we have K Health. This app was here last month and returns with a score of 80. 

Gaining one position and now resting at No. 4 is BetterHelp, which registers a score of 71. 

Picking up two spots in the rankings since last time is Maple — 24/7 Online Doctors. This app is now ranked fifth with a score of 66. 

The Top 10 

Holding the same spot it held last month is MDLIVE. This app checks in with a score of 61. 

In the No. 7 spot, we have Vsee Clinic For Patient. It’s moved up one level since last time with a score of 59. 

Not far behind with a score of 55 is InTouch Patient. This app has gained two positions in the rankings since last time and now sits at No. 8. 

Holding its position at No. 9, as it did last month, is LiveHealth Online Mobile. It returns with a score of 51. 

Rounding out the top 10, we have a tie between two apps that are new to the list this month and have achieved a score of 47. Please welcome telehealth company app PlushCare: Online Doctor and healthcare communication and engagement platform Mend Medicine.