Wellster Unveils Integrated Women’s Health Platform

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Wellster Healthtech Group has announced the launch of MySummer, which it says is Germany’s first fully integrated FemTech platform, according to a Tuesday (April 26) press release.

MySummer includes discreet access to information, medical experts and treatment options on numerous women’s health topics, including contraception and cystitis, the press release says. The platform will launch with a focus on contraception, urological issues, skin and intimate health before gradually expanding into other areas and services.

“With MySummer, we are creating a platform for women that provides individual medical advice and direct treatment,” said Viola Karl, CEO of MySummer, in the company press release. “Our goal: To provide women with holistic advice and make effective medical services easily accessible.”

MySummer will give users access to a team of doctors from the fields of gynecology, urology and dermatology around the clock, including urologist Prof. Dr. Sabine Brookmann-May, gynecologist Prof. Dr. Mandy Mangler and dermatologist Dr. Nursel Yesilkus.

The portal features education, advice and the sale of various contraceptives, such as birth control pills and the vaginal ring. Patients are informed about side effects and possible risks during treatment and can test their individual risks before starting a particular treatment.

Patients begin each treatment by filling out a medical online questionnaire, answering questions about symptoms, previous diseases and possible intolerances. Doctors make a treatment recommendation and, if necessary, issue a required prescription.

“A digital approach can be a real relief in everyday life,” said Mangler in the press release. “For example, if you have an acute bladder infection, you need a quick remedy and no waiting time at the doctor, pharmacy or delivery. I also see potential for many other indications. This offers women an additional opportunity to receive self-determined and discreet medical support.”

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In January, Wellster co-founder Dr. Manuel Nothelfer told PYMNTS that Germany still lacks a viable digital healthcare system.

“One big challenge is that Germany is lacking standards of practice,” he said. “At the moment, it is up to us [healthtech firms] to control ourselves through our medical board and for them to create guidelines. Not everyone will hold their company to such a high standard.”