Google Home Integrates With Food Platform Startup Innit

Innit, the Silicon Valley food platform startup, announced Tuesday (Jan. 8) that it built an action for the Google Home Hub and Smart Displays with Google Assistant in an effort to grow adoption of the smart kitchen.

In a press release, Innit said it is working with the Google Assistant team to provide consumers with personalized meal recommendations; hands-free, step-by-step video guidance and the creation of cooking programs and connected appliances. The startup said the Innit Action on Google is available as of today (Jan. 8), and that the company was named a CES Innovation Award honoree in the software and mobile apps category at the trade show this week.

“One of the major trends we expect in 2019 will be the growing adoption of multimodal voice/video interfaces in the kitchen,” said Michael Wolf, founder of the Smart Kitchen Summit, in the press release. “The Google Assistant partnership with Innit, which enables features like guided cooking through voice interactions on the Google Hub smart display, is an example of the type of integration that we expect to give this market continued momentum.”

According to the company, Innit is the first company to launch an open smart kitchen platform that enables personalized food recommendations and automated cooking with a single touch or voice commands. The company has partnered with four of the six leading appliance makers, as well as three of the top four food companies, it said in the press release.

With the Google Action, customers don’t need a smart appliance to use the functionality. They can get step-by-step guides for everyday cooking on their Google Assistant device.

“Smart Displays deliver seamless assistance to help people simplify their lives, and we are excited to leverage the Google Assistant to unlock powerful new capabilities in the kitchen,” said Kevin Brown, CEO and co-founder at Innit. “Innit helps consumers through every stage of the food journey, from planning and shopping to preparing and cooking. Cooking with Innit on Smart Displays provides an effortless, hands-free experience for busy home chefs, delivering help at just the right time. We’re passionate about helping people eat and live better.”



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