Insurance App Provider Ranking Assesses the Competitors, Keeps 13 in Top 10

When you’re in insurance, you want all the news to be good. The bad news is bad for the bottom line. 

Happily, in the latest edition of PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Insurance Apps, the news is indeed all good. Among the 13 apps in the Top 10, two have moved up in the ranking and none have moved down. 

That’s been made possible by the number of positions shared by contenders who have tie scores — no one had to get bumped out of position to make way for an app with a rising score. 

Now, let’s assess the damage. (Just kidding — the news is all good.) 

The Top 5 

Holding onto their spots at the top of the ranking are GEICO Mobile — Car Insurance and Progressive. Both have again achieved perfect scores of 100. 

Seven points behind them is the runner-up, State Farm, which retains this position with a score of 93. 

The third-place contender is another familiar name. Allstate Mobile was here last month and is here again with a score of 89. 

However, there’s a change at No. 4, as Jerry: Car Insurance has added two points to its score and gained a position in the ranking. It now shares this spot with Liberty Mutual Mobile, which was here last time. Both apps have a score of 82. 

Moving up one level to fill the spot left vacant by that change, USAA Mobile is now ranked fifth with a score of 77. 

The Top 10 

Next up is Safeco Mobile, which holds the No. 6 position, as it did last time, now with a score of 73. 

Also holding its position in the field is Lemonade Insurance. This app is ranked seventh with a score of 72. 

The trend continues with Travelers Mobile, which is again ranked eighth, now with a score of 64. 

There’s another tie at No. 9. Esurance Mobile and Farmers Insurance Mobile shared this spot last month and are here again with a score of 63. 

Five points behind those is the American Family Insurance App. With a score of 58, two points lower than last time, this app is again ranked tenth and closes out this month’s Provider Ranking of Insurance Apps.