Date: Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Time: 9:00 AM (ET)

Host: Karen Webster, CEO, PYMNTS

Panelists: Vincent Kilcoyne, EVP of SmartStream and Roland Brandli, SVP of SmartStream

Panel Topic: The global financial community is working to operationalize instant when moving money cross border. Vincent Kilcoyne, EVP of SmartStream, and Roland Brandli, SVP of SmartStream will join this virtual panel discussion to describe the need to use transformative digital strategies to remain relevant in today’s challenging financial landscape. The discussion will cover strategies that will allow clients to improve operational control, reduce costs, build new revenue streams, mitigate risk and comply accurately with regulation.

The panel will discuss the issues, the implications and the possible solutions that should ultimately benefit your bottom line while satisfying your customer expectations in the ever-changing world of “Instant.”

Attendees will discover how to adapt to:

  • a process that used to take days, now to take seconds
  • exceptions that are costly and time-consuming (regulations are not helping)
  • payments infrastructure that is costly and time-consuming to set up (the adoption of tracking)
  • new message standards being applied (ISO 20022 — a standardized structure, but not a single standardized standard)
  • more and more channels prescribing “rulebooks” for exception handling (SWIFT gpi, SEPA)

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