Matchmakers: Tuesday, June 27th with Dakota Younger, CEO and Founder of Boon


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Date & Time: Tuesday, June 27th at 12pm ET

Guest: Dakota Younger, CEO and Founder of Boon

About Boon: Boon is a talent crowdsourcing marketplace. Businesses post opportunities to Boon for anyone and everyone to see. Referral Heroes (members) share opportunities with contacts within their network. Contacts do NOT have to be on Boon to receive a referrals. Referral recipients can review the opportunity and it's a fit for them, they simply approve the referral and their profile/resume is sent to the business. The business can review the candidate's profile/resume. If they feel the candidate matches the job description, the business simply accepts the referral and Boon sets up an interview. Boon's tracker enables the candidate, the business and the referral hero to track the candidate's progress through the hiring process. When a hire is made, Boon facilitates the transaction of the bounty from business to referral hero!