Buys 20% Stake in 3D Game Developer Metaverse Architects

Meta, metaverse, , Vishal Shah IAB ALM announced Tuesday (Feb. 22) its subsidiary Metaverse Group has signed a letter of intent to buy 20% ownership in Metaverse Architects, a press release said.

Metaverse Architects is a design and event planning firm, specializing in 3D modeling and game development.

It has the ability to build across several metaverse worlds including Decentraland, Sandbox, Pax World and NFT Worlds.

The company also can host events and make virtual world events for brands.

The release notes that Metaverse Architects is working on the Tower in Decentraland’s Crypto Valley, which will be used to host crypto conferences and offer rental spaces for companies.

“Our partnership allows Metaverse Group to provide a host of services to our clients including events, NFT design and drops, and architecture design and services,” said Andrew Kiguel, CEO and executive chairman of Metaverse Group.

Metaverse Architects co-founder Sean Ellul said the partnership is “an important step in ensuring we can continue expanding the quality and scope of our services, whilst ensuring we meet the sector’s growing demand.”

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Hulk Labs will reportedly offer more exposure for gaming.

Kiguel said wanted to bring “exciting growth” to Web3.

“This next stage in our evolution adds gaming and positions us uniquely as one of the only public companies to offer a complete range of Web3 exposure,” he said.

Hulk Labs will be operated by Chief Operating Officer Deven Soni, and there will be a founding team including influencers and investors.