Albert Save and Spend Smarter Tops Personal Finance App Ranking

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The latest PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Personal Finance Apps sees big shake-ups, with 11 competitors, three of them new to the ranking this time around.

Similar to the last edition, apps moved up and down in the ranking, but the three new competitors will be giving the other apps a run for their spots. Among the highlights are a few who climbed up three or four spots, and a 25-point difference between top to bottom.

Here’s a look at the numbers.

The Top 5

With Chime no longer in the lead, Albert Save and Spend Smarter came in with a score of 93 to grab the No.1 spot, climbing up two spots.

Down five points but remaining constant at No. 2 we have Robinhood with a score of 92.

Rising four slots to land at No. 3 is myWisely Financial Wellness, with a score of 90 — a full 14 points up from its previous score.

Fidelity Investments hops up one slot and four points for a new standing of No. 4 with 88 points.

Mint Personal Finance & Money dropped down a spot to No. 5 after losing nine points. Tying for No. 5 is Acorns Invest Spare Change, up five slots and two points. Both earned a score of 77.

The Top 10

Empower climbed the rankings from No. 10 to No. 6, gaining four points.

Emma Budget Manager slid from that sixth spot to No. 7 and lost four points, settling with a score of 74.

At No. 8 we have a newcomer to the list: SoFi, with a score of 72.

Another newcomer, NerdWallet, hit No. 9 with a score of 69.

No. 10 wraps up with our last newcomer, Wallet Daily Budget & Profit, with a score of 68.

Until next time, this wraps up the PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Personal Finance apps.