Prescription App Provider Ranking Shows Healthy Competition

prescription app

Whether it’s flu season or your everyday medications, prescription apps are saving people money, and that makes PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Prescription Apps a must read.

That’s our opinion of course, but this latest tally finds an interesting mix of apps holding tight to their chart positions, along with a bevy of new entrants.

The Top 5

We can dispense (no pun intended) with the Top 5 fairly easily as not one app has given up its hard-won position in that top stratum of apps.

At No. 1 it’s still GoodRx, followed at No. 2 the SingleCare RX app.

Holding fast at No. 3 yet again is the CVS Caremark app.

Also solid at No. 4 we’ve got RxSaver.

Closing out the Top 5 just where we left them last time we find the Publix Pharmacy app.

The Top 10

Moving below the Top 5 things get a bit more interesting. For starters we’ve got a tie at No. 6 between the OptumRx that held the position last month, now joined there by Express Scripts which climbed one chart position.

Now at No. 7 it’s RxLocal, gaining a spot.

New to this ranking at No. 8 this cycle is the Inside Rx app.

Another newcomer is Blink, entering the charts at No. 9.

Taking us out is yet another new entrant, Clever Rx.

Impressive showings all around in a sector that’s growing by leaps and bounds.