Feel Better by Just Viewing the Latest Prescription App Ranking


Prescriptions are notoriously expensive, which makes the Provider Ranking of Prescription Apps the ideal place to see how consumers are using apps to save.

It’s an endless struggle for primacy, and there’s usually a surprise or two. We’re not sure everyone can take the excitement, so have your prescription app ready.

The Top 5

GoodRx certainly seems comfortable at No. 1. Hasn’t budged in at least a month.

So it is with SingleCare also, which is unmoved at No 2.

Completing a trifecta of sameness is the CVS Caremark app at No. 3.

Just when followers of these rankings think it’s going to be same old, same old, along comes the OptumRx app, hopping up a spot to take No. 4.

Completing the Top 5 is another gainer, Express Scripts, at No. 5.

The Top 10

Below the Top 5 line are many fine apps, such as Publix Pharmacy, now at No. 6 but recently in the Top 5. It’s like that in the app world.

Of course, sometimes things just stay put as the Inside Rx did at No. 7.

Ditto the RxLocal app which remains parked at No. 8.

Then we have the RxSaver app, tumbling two chart positions since the last count.

At No. 10 it’s the Blink prescription app, eyes wide open it would seem.

So ends this edition of the Provider Ranking of Prescription Apps. Keep checking up.