Provider Ranking of Fitness Apps Works Hard, Gets Results

Time to get our fitness on with PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Fitness Apps.

Don’t give us that look. We all need exercise, and these apps help get it done.

The Top 5

Talk about hustle. New at No. 1 (by climbing three chart positions), it’s MyFitnessPal.

Thumbs-up for Planet Fitness, which isn’t trying to impress gym rats and still chilling at No. 2.

Sweatcoin drops two spots to take a breather at No. 3.

In the Top 5 and still rising, the Strava: Run, Ride, Swim app moves up a spot to No. 4.

Dropping two chart positions but not out of the running is FitCoach, closing out the Top 5.

The Top 10

Also known as “the bottom top 5,” here we find hardworking apps with their eyes on the prize.

A good example is Workouts By Muscle Booster, which stays solid at No. 6.

Here’s another: FitOn Workouts running in place at No. 7.

They just did it. Nike Training Club is up a spot to No. 8. Asked for comment, NTC said, “swoosh.”

The Runkeeper needs to keep running. It’s down one chart position to No. 9.

Map My Run By Under Armour completes the Top 10, dropping a spot.

That was exhausting. See you in a month.