David S. Evans interviews MagTek CSO Tom Patterson on Security and Innovations at the POS

Paying with Plastic author talks with security expert Tom Patterson, CSO of MagTek, on the challenges that ecommerce faces today and what the innovations are being made to securing payment processing in the United States and around the world.



Tom Patterson is the Chief Security Officer (CSO) for MagTek, Inc., the leading transaction technology provider to the financial industry around the world. Immediately prior to joining MagTek as CSO, Tom founded a public/private security outreach in concert with the Obama administration called National Security Grid, that aims to better secure the ‘critical million’ small businesses across America through coordination with FBI and intelligence community resources. Tom has had a long career in security, having worked on security for a space shuttle flight (STS-37), the maiden launch of a nuclear aircraft carrier (CVN-73), built industry leading security products (Net/Assure, CyberGuard firewall, TradeWave PKI), worked with the White House in the Middle East, run Deloitte’s security business in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, was CSO at America’s largest R&D consortium (MCC), built a startup internet company (Command) to $50 million in revenue, and served as IBM’s Chief Strategist for Electronic Commerce. More info here.

has been a business advisor to many payment companies around the world. He is the author of Paying with Plastic: The Digital Revolution in Buying and Borrowing which is the definitive source on the payments industry. His more recent work is “Innovation and Payments” which describes the how the combination of data-driven marketing, cloud-based computing, and mobile telephony will transform the payments industry. More info here.