Green Dot Pres: Future of Prepaid

On the heels of a filing for a $150M IPO, Green Dot President Mark Troughton shares how his company has become a leader and innovator in prepaid.


Mark Troughton asked industry expert and author of Paying with Plastic, David S. Evans to profile industry thought leaders and executives to find out what’s next in the world of payments.

Green Dot is the largest prepaid and debit card provider in the United States and one of the nation’s largest retail cash reload and payment networks with over 50,000 retail locations. Mark joined Green Dot in 2003 after a career in financial services consulting where he was introduced to and and fell in love with the payments industry.

Mark and others at Green Dot have had plenty to celebrate recently as they just filed for an IPO of $150 million. Mark credits Green Dot’s success partially to their dedication and commitment to their customers. Providing customer friendly financial products has driven Green Dot to the forefront of prepaid payments. With the task of including all socioeconomic levels, Mark sees the future of prepaid in providing the same innovative products to the economically disadvantaged.

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Executive Bio: Mark Troughton, President, Cards and Network, oversees the prepaid card business at retailers nationwide for Green Dot Corporation.  He also leads the Green Dot Financial Network (GDFN) management team.  Under his leadership, Green Dot has expanded its distribution and in-store presence in major retailers across the country and GDFN has become America’s leading reload and cash acceptance network.  
Prior to joining Green Dot Corporation, Mark ran Internet software businesses in Dallas and London.  Previously, Mark worked for McKinsey and Company in London.  He began his career as a Chartered Accountant in South Africa.

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