Research and Markets: Mobile Banking and Payments: The Role of the Mobile Phone as a Banking Device

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the “Mobile Banking and Payments” report to their offering.

With over 2 billion users worldwide, mobile phone usage penetrates every core demographic of the world’s population. As technology progresses at an unprecedented rate, now is the time to enter this potentially lucrative but yet unchartered territory.

This report assesses the role of the mobile phone as a banking device as well as a payment function. The fact that there are more mobile subscribers in the world than fixed line subscribers should present a fantastic opportunity for mobile banking.

Purchase This Report To:

Assess the prospects for mobile banking and payments.

Find out how additional revenue can be raised through value added services.

Review the strategic and operational issues that face the mobile banking sector.

Study the profiles of leading banks within the mobile banking arena.

After abandoning initial rollouts a few years ago following poor consumer take up, banks worldwide are now re-entering the market. Mobile banking is an opportunity and a threat to established retail financial players. The first section of this report provides the business case for successful mobile banking. It presents the short-term solutions and the longer-term strategy needed to create a successful programme.

Key Points Addressed in This Report:

The mobile banking phenomenon explained.

Trends among emerging and developed markets.

Mobile banking and mobile payments defined.

Reasons for low adoption by banking customers.

Importance of mobile as a marketing tool and as a customer retention strategy.

Negotiating the relationship between banks and mobile carriers.

Case Studies and Examples Include:

  • Bank of America Blaze Charles Schwab Citi ClairMail Co-op Bank Elite mBanking Facebook Fi First National Bank iTunes Mfandry Microsoft Mshift MTN bank Nokia Paypal Regalo Card St George Mobile Banking Sun mBanking Twitter Vancity CU Visa Wells Fargo and Wizzit bank

Key Topics Covered:

Business case for mobile banking

Business case for mobile banking

Generate revenue through value added services

Enhance other delivery channels

Marketing via the mobile channel

Banking the unbanked

Strategic and operational issues

Choosing the technology platform

Security considerations

Usability considerations

Marketing considerations

Market profiles


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Key emerging markets

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