Will You Lose Your Job Due to Dodd-Frank? Legal Expert Predicts Banks’ Next Move

Bank of America, the nation’s biggest bank, announced last week that 30,000 jobs will be cut. CEO Brian Moynihan said bank is aiming to lower consumer business expenses by $5 billion annually. The Wall-Street Journal later published an opinion piece that asserted “these layoffs are part of the bill for the last two years of Washington’s financial rule-writing.” Professor Todd Zywicki of George Mason University School of Law in this exclusive NEXTcast interview predicts what banks might look to cut next (and trust us, his answer isn’t pretty…)

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Bio: Professor Todd J. Zywicki teaches in the areas of bankruptcy and contracts at George Mason University School of Law. Professor Zywicki received an M.A. in economics from Clemson University (1990) and an A.B. with high honors from Dartmouth College (1988). Professor Zywicki is the author of more than 30 articles in leading law reviews and economics journals. (Read more)

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