BI on the Future of Mobile: 50 Must-See Slides

Business Insider has fifty slides on the future of mobile that offer a shocking glimpse at the industry’s rapidly changing shape.

All of the information provided by BI CEO Henry Blodget and analysts Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry and Alex Cocotas is crucial for any payments company investing in mobile. But here are a few of the more nuanced points that really struck us:

– The speed of adoption. BI notes that it took AOL nine years to reach a million users. For Facebook, the process took nine months. Clearly, the time needed to ignite has been dwindling rapidly.

But the latest entry into the platform-igniting record books made our jaws drop: it’s called Draw Something, a new game for mobile devices that more or less brings Pictionary to iOS and Android users. The company behind Draw Something is OMGPOP — yes, that OMGPOP, the one that Zynga just bought for nearly $200 million.

That said, it’s not the price point that makes our jaws drop. Check this: what took AOL nine years and Facebook nine months, Draw Something achieved in nine days. Wow.

– The possible outcomes. The BI team does a really good job of summing up where the mobile scene is likely to end up in the short term. The key players: Android, Microsoft, HTML5 developers, and — you guessed it — Apple. It’ll be an exciting race to witness.

– The growth right now. No need for projection in this conversation: rapid changes to the way consumers do computing are already happening. Key example: smartphone and tablet sales are already outpacing personal computer sales.

The entire deck is worth a look. It’s available here.


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