Like, Tweet Or Link, Social Commerce Is On The Rise

Social media continues to grow in popularity, and its commercial potential is obvious. But with the actual value of a click or share in doubt, how does one quantify just how big of a payments impact social commerce can make?

That’s what Eventbrite aims to answer in its latest report, titled: “Social Commerce: A Look At The Global Numbers. 

Eventbrite’s second major study (the first came in 2010) invents some interesting metrics to measure sharing value, and looks into how Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn differ in the social commerce sphere. We take a look at those metrics, plus some international tendencies and an infographic, in this PYMNTS Data Point. 

Dollars Per Share (DPS)

DPS is a metric Eventbrite created that measures the “average value of the additional tickets sold through” through a social media share. The study claims that DPS has nearly doubled since its last study in 2010, increasing 81 percent from $1.78 to $3.23. Twitter saw the biggest DPS growth, at 330 percent, and now sits at $1.85. Facebook remains the biggest DPS draw at $4.15, and has grown 65 percent over the past two years. LinkedIn continues to lag behind, growing just 2 percent to a DPS of $0.92. 

Visits Per Share (VPS)

VPS is another Eventbrite metric, this time measuring the “amount of additional traffic generated by each act of sharing.” VPS is also on the rise, as Eventbrite says the average number of clicks it gets on a link shared via social commerce has risen from seven to 17. Twitter links get the post VPS with an average of 33, while Facebook receives 14 and LinkedIn holds its own with 10.

International Breakdown

Italy proved the most generous when it comes to sharing links online: 14 percent of Italian Eventbrite ticket purchasers took to social media to share their events. Conversely, Ireland shared the least, but saw high DPS when someone did click on a link. The U.K. is notable for clicking the most, with an average of 27 clicks per link shared, while France is crazy for LinkedIn, boasting a DPS of $12.56. Canada, meanwhile, was sighted as “high-value” among all social platforms.

To see more social media stats, check out Eventbrite’s infographic below.


Exclusive PYMNTS Study: 

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