A Case Study In How To Make Top Five Tweets

Here are our top five tweets from the week that was. Keep tweeting, and we may feature you next Friday.

@dionlisle @pymnts NFC is to magstripe as DVD is to BluRay. A natural progression but not disruptive or exciting.

For this week’s Top Five Tweets, we’re going to highlight the basic ways you can get the PYMNTS.com team to notice your comments and feature you on our site. We lead off with Andrew here, who demonstrates the quality that most commonly catches our eye – insight or commentary- with this tweet.

It’s not a perfect analogy, sure, but it’s pretty darn good if you ask this PYMNTS editor. NFC is cool, it does have its uses and over time it’s easy to accept the argument that it will supplant standard payments. That being said, just as I’m not rushing out to buy all of my old favorite movies on BluRay, I’m in no hurry to spend more for or specifically seek out NFC tech either.

This is a great observation, and one I may use in the future: citing Andrew, of course.

Read the original tweet here.

@dionlisle: Full credit to @pymnts I know they are anti-NFC, but this article is a VERY fair point-counterpoint to NFC. pymnts.com/briefing-room/…

The second easiest way to get on Top 5 Tweets: respond to one of our stories! Dion here is commenting on our first edition of PYMNTS Primer, which we used to break down both side of the NFC argument. We went to painstaking detail to try and make sure all opinions were adequately represented, so we’re glad some of our readers felt the article was indeed balanced.

While we don’t think of ourselves as an “anti-NFC site” – only our commentary aims to take a stance one way or the other – we appreciate these kind words from Dion.

Oh, and yes: the flattery helped too.

Read the original tweet here.

@dgwbirch: @pymnts @rayleee Jay Zed should be the patron rapper on new payment systems – remember his song “I got 99 problems but the bits aint one”?

The third easiest way to make this column is to either a) respond to an Innovation Project tweet, b) attempt to link the payments industry and hip-hop or c) both. Frequent tweeter/commenter Dave Birch sent out our favorite tweet of the week when guessing which “rap artist” is now a “prepaid pioneer.” Other responses included Snoopy Dog and Rick Rubin, both of which earn a hearty “good job, good effort” from the PYMNTS team.

Russell Simmons is the answer, by the way, and if you want to meet him time is running out to add your name to the list.

Read the original tweet here.

@stiel: #surcharges: You cannot be charged a checkout fee for debit or prepaid cards, even if you hit “credit” when you swipe your debit card.

Another way to get noticed is to provide useful information on a topic that’s currently of interest to the industry. It’s easy to see where the new checkout fees, which we covered here, could confuse consumers, and Dan does a great job reassuring people that debit and prepaid purchases will remain unaffected. You have a better chance of catching our eye if you tweet at us (@PYMNTS or @BC_PYMNTS) or respond to us, but it’s not necessary.

Read the original tweet here.

@samfbiddle: imagine not only being taken on a date at olive garden but then the dude whips out a Facebook gift card to pay

The final way to find yourself in Top Five Tweets is to be funny, and this tweet from Sam cracked us up. The reaction to Facebook’s new physical gift card has been pretty mixed, but while it has practical uses this tweet brings to light some of its limitations as well. It may not be a fair criticism, considering Facebook is likely to partner far more merchants than Target, Sephora, Jamba Juice and Olive Garden, but it’s still a funny one. Well done, sir.

Read the original tweet here.

@ArashMalmaci: @pymnts You’re getting better 😉

BONUS METHOD: winkyface emoticons work every time.

Read the original tweet here.

Have a good weekend, and keep tweeting! 

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