Biometric Payments Come To Germany With Atos Worldline

Atos Worldline, Atos core expertise in hi-tech transactional services, signed a framework agreement with Telekom Deutschland for the development, setup and operation of the new “Pay-At-Match®” system. This new cashless and cardless system permits secure and convenient payments by enabling customers to use their fingerprint and a personal identification number (PIN).

To carry out a transaction at a POS terminal, the customer simply has to run his or her finger across the payment terminal’s scanner and key in the personal five-digit code as a supplementary security precaution. After the receipt has been printed out, the payment transaction is complete and the amount is deducted from the customer’s account in the usual way.

Talking about the launch, Wolf Kunisch CEO at Atos Worldline in Germany said, “We are proud to be a pioneer in the payment market and always one step ahead of market needs. Atos Worldline continuously invests in launching new payment methods in order to offer our customers easy to use and highly secure payment methods that can be easily implemented across Europe. We are proud that Telekom Deutschland has chosen us as their long-term partner to supply them with our expertise for their new Pay-At-Match system.”

Earlier in 2012, biometrics had a bit of a “moment” when French company Natural Security carried out a payments trial in two French cities. The company later revealed that the trial was a success and was chosen by Discover to carry out a payment experiment in the US. Also in 2012, a British School introduced biometric cashless payments.

Unlike contactless NFC payments, biometric payments do really provide a cashless, immaterial payments experience. But are we ready to pay with our fingerprints yet?

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