Credit Cards Return To Vatican

The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI is not the only piece of news at the Vatican today. “Credit card payments in the state of the Vatican City are working again, and so pilgrims as well as tourists who visit the church of St. Peter’s every day can now use the ordinary payment service, including paying for the Vatican museums,” announced Father Federico Lombardi, spokesperson for the Vatican.

The micro-state had been forced to suspend all card payments over a failure to apply anti-money laundering laws. It had now been more than a month without card payments in what is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world.

The Vatican managed to by-pass the Bank of Italy ruling by choosing a Swiss provider to work with – Aduno. The Bank of Italy is not required to approve the new company, since Aduno is not based in the European Union.

Before its resignation announcement on Monday, Pope Benedict has made financial transparency one of his priorities and had even hired a Swiss financial lawyer to help with raising the city-state’s financial standards.

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