Era of AI Uncertainty Calls for Reliable Anchors of Data


Because business leaders rely on data to make critical decisions, they must be sure the data can be trusted, AI-ID CEO Shaunt Sarkissian writes in the new PYMNTS eBook, “The Implications of Uncertainty.”


As technology executives, we are living in one of the most unique and volatile times in history, with the risk warning bells and threat vectors coming at us from all angles. From geopolitical, monetary and inflationary risks now colliding with technology risks associated with rapidly advancing artificial intelligence (AI)/generative AI platforms, the business ocean feels like a Dixie cup of water being churned with Category 5 hurricane force winds. Thus, the pressure on every decision made could not be greater — and the impacts on your core business more significant.

Many times, however, the past can also be prologue — and even more predictably, humans are creatures of habit. We go with what has always worked: the models and analytical tools we have relied on to help navigate times such as these provide the confidence needed to execute. From capital forecasts, fraud management tools and other “predictive” data models we have often relied on the data they provide to drive key insight and trusted decision-making processes.

But in the era of generative AI and rapidly advancing use of AI platforms/services, how can you actually trust the data you see? From calculations and forecasts to content, increasing use of AI/ Generative AI and algorithmic “non-human derived” data outputs can create havoc and uncertainty.

What platforms do you trust? What models do you trust? And what data/content is AI-produced vs. human/organic? These are now the most important questions to answer. And understanding the answers and their implications can make (or break) your business, and its future viability.

At AI-ID, we knew this was critical and from day one have had one mantra as part of our vision: “Truth at the Source.” This means that only when a data output (content, files, data, etc.) is created can it be property and tracked to its source. From images/content, text files or basically any data outputs an AI/ generative AI platform can create unique protocols and metadata can manage all of these outputs and their lifecycle and utilization. And effective registration models are used to manage and authenticate the data. Our AI-ID platform, unique AIGX files and AI Registry platform are focused on this every day.

To make an effective decision, you need to know your data is accurate. This includes knowing and tracking it to its source. Trusted data means trusted decisions. Ensuring a trusted AI platform built the data and knowing with certainty, provides the confidence needed to execute in an increasingly risk-entrenched market.

At least for now, we, as leaders of businesses and decision-makers, have not fully ceded the executive mantle to our AI overlord masters. So every executive decision matters. To quote Peter Drucker, “Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” Just make sure that the data you use and its source is trusted. And if so, that courageous decision and successful business, will more than likely be yours.