Report: South African Are Satisfied With Online Shopping

The newest online shopping survey released from MasterCard reveals that 91 percent of South African consumers who shop online are "highly satisfied" with their overall experience. This figure represents a 4 percent jump from the 87 percent of consumers who reported the same in last year's survey.

Seventy-six percent of the participants also said they came back to the same shopping sites after first use, and 74 percent reported that online purchases were simple and convenient. Despite positive responses about their experience, overall online shopping in South Africa decreased by 4 percent last year. Only 54 percent of consumers said they regularly go online to shop.

“There has been a rapid rise in the number of South Africans classified as active Internet users - those who fairly recently acquired regular access to the Internet - which means we are seeing a larger-than-ever base of users who have never shopped online before,” said Arthur Goldstuck, the managing director of World Wide Worx.

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