Apple Inks First Deal in Saudi Arabia

In less than 60 days after the Saudi government agreed to allow Apple to begin marketing products and officially operate within the Middle Eastern monarchy, Apple has struck a sales deal with Jarir Bookstore a major Saudi Arabia-based retailer, according to 9to5mac.

The move to allow Apple into the Saudi Retail marketplace is a move on the part of national authorities to draw foreign interest and investment, report local sources.

The new deal will include both official sales inside Jarir retail stores and technical support for the products.

Jarir is not new to selling Apple products in its stores; prior to this official deal the retailer had been using third-party means to secure its supply of Apple products. With Apple officially allowed to provide product supply, costs are expected go down for both the Bookstore and its customers. Jarir predicts Apple product sales in Saudi Arabia will likely grow as a result of the partnership.

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