Are Biometrics The New Passwords?

Facebook engineer Greg Stefancik has made his opinion about biometrics known. In an interview with The Australian, Stefancik said that the technology is no good as an authentication method because of its irrevocability.

Additionally, the engineer told Computer World that he wants to eventually move away from the dependency on passwords altogether.

“If we were in a world where every user had a reliable 2FA, then we could maybe get to a point where we are not worrying about passwords any more and people have some sort of hardware token that logs them into Facebook,” he told the news source.

However, according to IBM Chief Technology Officer David Nahamoo, biometrics will replace passwords by 2015.

“While there is already some adoption of facial and voice recognition, combining these and other biometric data points in the near future can eliminate the hassle of memorizing, storing and securing account IDs and passwords and at the same time give users a greater security confidence,” Nahamoo said, as reported by the website Biometric Update.

That news source added that biometrics can be leveraged within a two-factor authentication solution, which ensures that alphanumeric passwords or generated codes enter the authentication mix.

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