Clorder Debuts New Way To Order Food Online

Clorder, Inc. announced this week that it had a new solution for restaurants that can improve their online presence while giving customers a better option for ordering food online.

Essentially, Clorder is a cloud-based food ordering solution, and features online reservations capabilities and touch tablet terminals in restaurants that directly integrate with Clorder’s technology and a restaurant’s Point of Sales (POS) system.

According to Clorder co-founder Satish Varma, the company is changing the way its restaurant clients do business, and the results are evidenced by their dramatic improvement in sale. Additionally, Varma explained in a company statement that Clorder is working with over 150 restaurants to enhance their online ordering capabilities and social media presence.

“We founded our cloud solution after realizing that restaurants are not necessarily armed with the tools needed to grow their businesses via the web,” Varma said. “We applied our cloud and branded services expertise to create the Clorder platform, which enables restaurants to better understand their customers and their preferences and then use this data to directly target these needs. Once the Clorder platform is deployed, our clients are quickly seeing accelerated growth in their revenue.”

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