HCE Warning From SIMAlliance

Host Card Emulation (HCE) is gaining wide traction in the industry as a way to bring NFC capacity to the masses. However, SIMAlliance, the non-profit industry association promoting the use of the Secure Element, warns that the system remains immature, unstandardized and relatively open to malicious attack by cyber-criminals.

In their paper on the rival technology, SIMAlliance did concede  that HCE is “good for the NFC ecosystem as a whole.”

Frédéric Vasnier, chairman, SIMalliance, says: “HCE is a force for good in NFC, but it’s no silver bullet…service providers evaluating HCE for payment and other high-value NFC services should proceed with caution; HCE presents a new raft of challenges and has the potential to diminish both the transaction security and the end user’s NFC service experience,” reports Finextra.

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